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Consistency is how
customers remember you.

The Omni-Channel is a
multi-approach to sales; it aims
to provide the customer with a
seamless shopping experience,
whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile
device, by telephone or in a
bricks and mortar store.

 In todays ever-competitive world every business is looking for a competitive advantage and a means to differentiate themselves in their marketplace. Suppliers of technology to sectors such as retail are finding increased competition from new technology solutions entering their markets. Mobile POS, tablet technology and cloud-based solutions are disruptive technologies gaining traction in the marketplace.

Differentiation through offering customers and prospects additional functionality and a solution to an ever-more obvious problem can help solution providers to sectors such as retail gain benefits not only for themselves but they can help solve an increasingly more important problem for their customers by offering technology solutions at price-points not previously seen for this type of solution. Thus enabling an increasing number of smaller organizations to gain the business benefits previously only afforded by larger organizations in their sector.

Key Benefits for Distributors, Dealers and Resellers In Adopting The Electrone PrintPad Solutions include:

970 Keypad Printer How Not to Implement Labelling - Hand Written e-Receipt
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  • It’s a proven solution with references: UK, EMEA, US
    • Body Shop, SuperDry, NIKE, Mothercare, L’Occitane
  • Clear market opportunity: Ref Electrone Research
  • On-going revenue stream from labels
    • Replace Dwindling Receipt Printing Revenue – e-Receipts
  • Value-add solution for customers & prospects
  • Competitive differentiator
  • Help retailers move up-market & with the times
  • Help “open doors” in new accounts & prospects
  • Sell to operations & marketing/merchandising; increase visibility in accounts
  • A solution is available for all size of clients
  • Delivering complete solutions and diversifying revenue streams.


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With in-store price labelling solutions, your customers can:

  • Achieve cost savings over historical approach
  • Save staff time on pricing function
  • Better their store and brand image
  • Achieve simplicity and clarity of pricing
  • Analysts research suggests it's a prerequisite for the "Mobile Shopper"
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