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4Court Solutions pride themselves in being customer focused and creative when it comes to helping their clients and partners reach their technology and business development goals.

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To meet customer requirements, 4Court Solutions have developed a range of intelligent keypads that have been successful in helping a wide range of customers improve their brand image.

ZebraCustomers include many household names in retail throughout the world:

SuperDry, Nike (Europe), Mothercare, Dune, The Body Shop (USA, Canada, Germany & UK), Sweat Shop, L’Occitane, Granger Games, Morleys Group, Boyes and The Range.


Introducing a New Way of Printing.

To further enhance the range of solutions available, 4Court Solutions has developed the new range of 4C-9000 PrintBox hardware and combined it with the AppiWorx Software platform to deliver a flexible and robust web-based applications platform.

The first application environment available for this new solution is delivering a flexible and robust Label, Receipt and Ticket Printing Platform. This solution has all the same features and functionality as the 4C-975 PrintPad but it is accessed by the user via any device that provides a web browser. By hosting the web app on the 4C-9000 PrintBox the solution removes the need for an on-board app. The user simply connects from a smartphone, tablet, PC etc, then using its browser accesses the PrintBox to use the label and ticket designs available to Print.

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4Court Solutions: “Your Key To Label Printing”


Many of the customers and partners implementing a 4Court Solutions-based Keypad or PrintPad strategy have done so in the retail environment and have successfully utilised them as intelligent terminals connected to label printers to implement a cost-effective in-store pricing and price markdown solution. With the addition of new data management features to the standard PrintPad software the PrintPads are now able to quickly and easily produce complex Food Labels.

With new legislation for Food Labelling being implemented throughout the world, the 4Court PrintPad range is now equipped with a SQL database on-board that is powerful and flexible enough to handle the complex requirements of Food labelling. Watch our video for more details >>

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As the retail landscape is changing and new technology is offering disruptive solutions to the historical retail environment, 4Court Solutions have carried out extensive research into why retailers must match the customer experience in the store with what they find online with the same retailer. Our presentation demonstrates the business case for re-evaluating your in-store customer experience.


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RSPARead about 4Court Solutions work with the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA).


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